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Title: Ysbryd y Mwynwyr - Spirit of the Miners
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"Metal Mining in Upland Ceredigion" booklet

A booklet describing the history of the Ceredigion lead mining industry and providing advice on how best to preserve its surviving remains has been produced by Cambria Archaeology. The 32-page booklet aims to give meaning and value to the surviving remains of the lead mining industry, and to improve the appreciation and conservation of mine sites by providing contacts and advice for farmers and landowners with mines on their land.

"Metal Mining in Upland Ceredigion" booklet

The booklet provides a general historical summary as a background to the understanding, protection and promotion of Ceredigion's Metal Mining heritage. The booklet has been highly illustrated with good quality modern photographs as well as historic photographs and documents.

"Metal Mining in Upland Ceredigion" booklet

The history and impact of metal mining, from prehistoric times until the 20th century in the County, is covered by the booklet. Today, ruined buildings, mines and spoil tips are visible reminders of the metal mining legacy, but these sites are sometimes seen as a hazardous nuisance, and a target for fly-tipping, rather than being the last survivors of a nationally and internationally important heritage. The booklet provides advice on how to protect and conserve the surviving remains of these sites that are so important to understanding Ceredigion's past.

The booklet, which includes recommended places to visit, also aims to help keep Ceredigion's mining legacy alive by raising awareness and encouraging people to discover and enjoy the region's rich mining heritage.

The booklet was produced by Cambria Archaeology. The organisation is established to advance the education of the public in archaeology. It is committed to working to help protect, record and interpret all aspects of the historic environment.

The booklet is now available by contacting Richard Jones at Cambria Archaeology, Shire Hall, Carmarthen Street, Llandeilo.
Carmarthenshire SA19 6AF. Telephone: 01558 823 121.

It can also be downloaded by clicking here. "Metal Mining in Upland Ceredigion booklet"

Total Grant Awarded: £3852

Approval Date: April 2006

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