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Title: Ysbryd y Mwynwyr - Spirit of the Miners
Wheelhouse, Bryn yr ArianChimney, TaliesinCwm Ystwyth

The Falls Experience


The Waterfalls Experience project is based at the Devils Bridge Waterfalls attraction. The attraction lies in the heart of the Ceredigion mining area situated between “Temple” and Cwmystwyth mines. The project has involved enhancing the amenities at the attraction.

Surface iprovement

The improvements at the site have included improving the paths around the nature trail, erecting a gazebo as a viewing point, erecting a telescope and developing interactive interpretation. Audio information will give visitors the opportunity to learn more about Devils Bridge, its history and surrounding area. It will also give an opportunity to appreciate the geological aspects, the natural and unspoilt beauty of the area.

Approval Date: June 2007.

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