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Title: Ysbryd y Mwynwyr - Spirit of the Miners
Chimney, TaliesinYstrad EinionYstrad Einion

Regionally Important Geodiversity Sites

The project provides for the general public an account of the geological context of metalliferous mining in Ceredigion as background to the mining heritage of the Central Wales Orefield. The account is given in the form of bilingual information boards erected at three sites - Cwmystwyth, Cwmrheidol and Cwmsymlog. The sites have been chosen to illustrate key aspects of the mines.

Cwm Rheidol Interpretation Board

The information boards comprise of: bilingual text, maps, diagrams and photographs to explain the geological processes that led to the emplacement of the mineral veins; illustrations of the minerals present; comments on the historical importance of the site; and will include comments on controls by minerals on plant-life, to show relationships between geodiversity and biodiversity.

Interpretation Board at Cwmystwyth

This information board is the second of the three boards and is the result of the first project Spirit of the Miners has approved and funded. It is chronologically apt, as it is based on the geology of the 3 mining sites of Cwmystwyth, Cwmrheidol and Cwmsymlog. It opens the book to the first chapter in the story of Mining; in its development of the landscape and subsequent mining in the area.

RIGS board at Cwmsymlog

The third board can be found at Cwmsymlog. The board makes up part of another project at the site.

Cwmsymlog Interpretation board Text

Cwmystwyth Interpretation Board text

Cwm Rheidol Interpretation Board Text

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For more detailed information on the project visit Central Wales RIGS.

Approval Date: November 2005.

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