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Title: Ysbryd y Mwynwyr - Spirit of the Miners
Waterwheel at LlywernogChimney, TaliesinYstrad Einion

Rivers to the Sea

The Rivers to the Sea – Harbour to the World group have produced two seats as part of their initial project to establish links between Aberystwyth harbour and lead mining sites in the hinterland predominantly to emphasise the importance of the rivers as routes that create these links. The two seats can be found located on the Ystwyth Trail at Llanilar and at the harbour at Aberystwyth.

Aberystwyth Harbour interpretative seat

The overall aim of the Rivers to the Sea – Harbour to the World group is to raise awareness of the area's history through a series of public art works. These are the first of a number of seats that will be produced.

Rivers to the Sea seat on the Ystwyth Trail

Consultation took place with local groups with regard to the designs of the two seats. By locating the seat on the Ystwyth trail it gives cyclists and walkers an opportunity to stop and think about what happened in the area. A bilingual poem can also be seen next to the seat at Llanilar:

“Through valleys rich in Silver and Lead the Ystwyth River hurled

By riches raised from natures core Aberystwyth's port unfurled

Not only a river to the sea but a harbour to the world”

“Heno mae tinc morthwylion fu'n cloddio arian a phlwm

Yn ddwndwr yn llif Ystwyth ar ei thaith ar hyd y cwm.

Y wythïen fu'r hen fwynwyr yn cloddio yn eu pryd

Drodd harbwr Aberystwyth yn ddrws i foroedd byd.”

Approval Date: June 2007

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