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Title: Ysbryd y Mwynwyr - Spirit of the Miners
Wheelhouse, Bryn yr ArianCwm YstwythChimney, Taliesin



Mine sites are very dangerous places and must be treated with respect:-

i) for your own safety, there are very deep shafts; never enter any old working at any time. Keep children under close supervision at all times.

ii) for the landowner, every mine site is owned by somebody, always attempt to find who owns the land and ask permission, most landowners are keen on their areas heritage; if you walk to a mine along a public footpath, take care not to stray too far from it.

iii) for the environment, most mine sites in Ceredigion have lain unduisturbed for in excess of one hundred years, in some cases "mother nature" has started to heal the wounds inflicted by years of mining activity, take care not to disturb tips, growing vegetation, walls and building remains, above all please do not use mine sites as rubbish dumps for old cars, "white goods", building rubble and other refuse; or as playgrounds for Off Road Vehicles and Motor Cycles.

By treating these sites with respect, we can all work together to preserve Ceredigion's wonderful Mining Heritage!

>>>> See Countryside Code